Such is Life in the Tropics


On an unknown island blond surfers try to soak water from a slop with their mouths before they die of thirst.
At night, when the moon is shining and the crickets chirp, cannibals are destroying a sunburned guy who wears mirrored aviator shades.
Prostitutes attend the spectacle joyfully bopping around in the trees.
The natives dissect the body builder with luscious cuts.
The demon who inhabitates a tree close to the scene laughs insubordinately.
The story teller spits on sweating pig-faced-fat tourists with the sea wave noise in the background.
A sexy medicine man bargains comfortably with polish proletarians while the frozen are shaking their stiff asses to the rythm of samba dance.
The next morning, hungry exotic dark eyes work at the hotel.
The respectable conqueror dies of thirst in the midst of exotic fruits that turned into a slobbery mash.
A bunch of rats sold the spirit of garbage dumps disrespectfully to the tropics.